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Her Eyes


      Starry night, Starry night..

The stars shining in the sky,

The star twinkling in her eye.

Like the sun in day so high,

Or the moon in evening sky.

Like a nebulae are big & bright,

Like a supernova explosion in broad daylight.

Starry night, Starry night..

   Oh, what a beautiful sight

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Weed Smoker Poet

I want smoke of weed in my lungs,

Gin in my veins,

Her lips on my lips,

And chill down my spine.

To feel nothing but pleasure blurred,

Dream nothing but sweet & brief.

I don’t want a thing,

But cravings & need

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I will gaze at the stars,And maybe even Mars.

They are all so bright,On a wonderful clear winter night.

Feeling the breeze,Watching the trees..
They’re swaying with grace, In a peaceful little place..
Time moves on-more and more, It’s getting colder than it was before..
I am sick and sneezing, Because this weather is so freezing..
One of the prettiest times of year, Winter season is finally here..
A fascinating season Winter is, With it’s beauty, peace, and bliss..
Christmas is almost here, A holiday filled with such cheer..
No doubt it’s my favorite thing, Everything great is just arriving.

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Weekend Memories

Weekends are supposed to be great, and weekdays a sore.

But lately I find my work a good chore.

For all the weekend nights that we had, to all the bad coffee we always grab.

I want to forget how good those conversations made me feel, Cause now every weekend I feel very ill.

And I so look forward to sleeping dead tired over a day’s hardwork, For forgetting you, me and the memories that always lurk..

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Polar Star

What is love?

An emotion;
So strong and so pure,
It makes you swim the ocean of fire,
All tests it will endure.

What is love?

A force;
That makes other forces bow,
With the strength to move the mountains,
& halt time’s ceaseless flow.

What is love?

A victory;
A glorious goal attained,
The bond of two souls & hearts,
A bond the God have made .

What is love?

The polar star;
To guide the wandering heart,
A blazing light in dark night,
To dash cherished dreams apart.

And what is love?

But forever;
Eternal and sincere,
A flame in my heart,
Will burn till the last year.

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Rock Me To Sleep, Mother

My favorite poetry from the days of my childhood. So I decided to make it my first post on WordPress. These words always make me motivated, make me think deep. Beautiful verses…

Backward, turn backward, O Time, in your flight, 

Make me a child again just for tonight! 

Mother, come back from the echoless shore, 

Take me again to your heart as of yore; 

Kiss from my forehead the furrows of care, 

Smooth the few silver threads out of my hair; 

Over my slumbers your loving watch keep;—      

Rock me to sleep, mother, – rock me to sleep! 

Backward, flow backward, O tide of the years! 

I am so weary of toil and of tears,—      

Toil without recompense, tears all in vain,—   

Take them, and give me my childhood again! 

I have grown weary of dust and decay,—    

Weary of flinging my soul-wealth away; 

Weary of sowing for others to reap;—    

Rock me to sleep, mother – rock me to sleep! 

Tired of the hollow, the base, the untrue, 

Mother, O mother, my heart calls for you!

Many a summer the grass has grown green, 

Blossomed and faded, our faces between: 

Yet, with strong yearning and passionate pain, 

Long I tonight for your presence again. 

Come from the silence so long and so deep;—    

Rock me to sleep, mother, – rock me to sleep! 

Over my heart, in the days that are flown,

No love like mother-love ever has shone; 

No other worship abides and endures,—       

Faithful, unselfish, and patient like yours:

None like a mother can charm away pain 

From the sick soul and the world-weary brain. 

Slumber’s soft calms o’er my heavy lids creep;—      

Rock me to sleep, mother, – rock me to sleep! 

Come, let your brown hair, just lighted with gold, 

Fall on your shoulders again as of old; 

Let it drop over my forehead tonight, 

Shading my faint eyes away from the light; 

For with its sunny-edged shadows once more 

Haply will throng the sweet visions of yore; 

Lovingly, softly, its bright billows sweep;—    

Rock me to sleep, mother, – rock me to sleep! 

Mother, dear mother, the years have been long 

Since I last listened your lullaby song: 

Sing, then, and unto my soul it shall seem 

Womanhood’s years have been only a dream. 

Clasped to your heart in a loving embrace, 

With your light lashes just sweeping my face, 

Never hereafter to wake or to weep;—      

Rock me to sleep, mother, – rock me to sleep!

By: Elizabeth Makers Allen