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Indian Flag Doormat on Amazon

It’s obviously a issue of patriotism & our National Flag Act.

But Americans use their flag as dress, cap, door mat, even underwear & bikini. So as the Union Jack of UK.

So… Who’s wrong? Who’s the actual Patriot?



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5 thoughts on “Indian Flag Doormat on Amazon

  1. If someone buys a doormat with Indian flag printed on it, would it be because they hate India and want to step on its flag to insult it or is it because they think the Indian flag is pretty cool and want to decorate their house with it? I don’t think anyone is a patriot here. These other countries don’t take offense so easily like we do. They aren’t as insecure as we are. our idea of patriotism is make sure the flag is okay at all times, make sure the national anthem is played everywhere, all else can go to hell. I don’t understand how this falls under the National Flag Act of 1970, it doesn’t really mention that doormats means insult, but we can sell tiny Indian flag stickers, which people can secretly put in their toilets. I’m sorry if this is all offensive, but it’s crazy that our government issued a public threat to cancel visas for something like this and even crazier that people are asking to boycott amazon for this. I don’t see any patriotism, I just see blind hatred, because suddenly being all bae with the natonal flag and anthem has become the cool thing to do in India.

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      1. But what about the American flag t shirts we wear, slippers, stickers, shoes, what not? I just think if it offends you, you don’t buy it. If it offends me I won’t buy it. People aren’t buying and burning it. They won’t waste their money to buy it just to disrespect it. I don’t get how can we get so insulted by this. How are we affected by someone putting a doormat in their house.

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      2. There’s a huge difference btn wearing a flag printed tshrt & wiping dirt frm your shoes on a flag printed doormat. Doormat is not for decoration.
        I feel proud wearing a flag printed tshrt, may it b of any country.
        But on my personal opinion, i can’t wipe out my shoes on a doormat of same. My conscience won’t permit me


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