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Polar Star

What is love?

An emotion;
So strong and so pure,
It makes you swim the ocean of fire,
All tests it will endure.

What is love?

A force;
That makes other forces bow,
With the strength to move the mountains,
& halt time’s ceaseless flow.

What is love?

A victory;
A glorious goal attained,
The bond of two souls & hearts,
A bond the God have made .

What is love?

The polar star;
To guide the wandering heart,
A blazing light in dark night,
To dash cherished dreams apart.

And what is love?

But forever;
Eternal and sincere,
A flame in my heart,
Will burn till the last year.



I started writing from childhood. Obsession towards reading developed the passion of writing in me. Some of my poems got posted in newspapers, magazines & some got posted on the walls of d academic building in my school. 😁 I have also achieved some small awards with this skill. I write poems, small stories, paragraph mostly love-romance drama or sumtyms what come to my mind & heart. I am new on WordPress platform. I would appreciate if you cud spare a moment to look at my work. Please follow me if you like those & send ur love & review through comments. <3

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